Be our Affiliate partner

FOREX Trade and Signals for passive income

Be our Affiliate partner


We are starting our affiliate program and we are looking partners for long term partnership. Here is what we offer you:
25% commission from our profit for life.
– All payments are made from broker ROBOFOREX to your account. Payments are on weekly base.
– NO LIMIT on profits.

How to start with us:
– Register for ROBOFOREX account. It’s easy and free. No need to deposit funds.
– Go to our strategies AUD Bot and ROBO ONE.
– Generate your Affiliate link for each strategy.

– Attract investors and earn 25% from our profit for life.

How it works ?
You can see whole process here and here

– What does it mean for life?
This mean that you will receive payments every week /Saturday/ till investment is active.
– How big investment can be?
No limit on investments, but we recommend to be maximum 1 million in one account. If the client want to invest more, he can split the investment in different accounts.
– How can I be sure in my payments?
All commissions and payments are made from the broker ROBOFOREX. The system automatically split the profit and pay your part in your account. ROBOFOREX is well known and regulated, with excellent reputation.
– Is it FREE?
YES, there are no fees for you. ROBOFOREX account is free. No need to invest any money. Only investment for you is to attract Investors.
– How big will be my profit?
No limit. As you can see our strategies can make 3-10% profit per month. 25% from this profit is for you. For example – Client investing 100 000 EUR on AUD Bot. You can see in myFXbook that this strategy made 4% average profit per month for the last year – 100 000*4%=4 000 profit per month for the client. Our commission as account manager is 25% from the profit – 4 000*25%=1000 profit for us. Your commission is 25% from our profit 1000*25%=250 profit for you. On the end of week ROBOFOREX will split the profit automatically for the client, us and you.